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You’re building a business. Technical issues shouldn’t throttle your growth. For one monthly fee, we'll handle all your shopify tech, and you can focus on what matters.

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Watch your store performance soar, along with your conversion rates.

Nail the fit and finish

Wipe out design flaws, theme bugs, and tweaks.

Customize with confidence

Tackle complicated app installations and configurations.

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We're your secret weapon

You don’t have to be a superhero to run your Shopify business, but it often feels like you do.

You’re battling app vendors with flakey integrations, fighting through unclear support channels, all while the most unpredictable market throws new complications your way daily. Batman had Alfred. You have us. We’ll help propel you to victory, each and every time. We are your virtual technical support team, ready to hop in wherever and however you need us.

Our founders forged careers running tech teams at the biggest tech companies, including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. We’re a dependable, responsive, and enterprise-ready technical desk for your Shopify business. Let us help you be the business hero you already are.

Easy communication

You can reach us via email, text, phone, and chat; whatever’s convenient for you. We promise a response within an hour, too.

Blazing fast support

You don’t have time to wait. Who does? We get through your tasks, sometimes in a single day. Our speed never comes at the expense of quality, though.

All star experts

You deserve a tech team as talented as your own. Our knowledgeable crew are masters of the Shopify system and can tackle your issues, large and small.

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Send us all your lists and asks. If you can dream it, we can do it.

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We assess and come up with a game plan for your approval.

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Watch your task list disappear with real time updates on our progress.

Big features, bigger benefits

Access experts quickly without extra overhead

It’s costly to build or subcontract a team of top engineers. Because we’re on-demand and affordable, we’re the unicorn you always wanted.

Get live status on your tasks

With our agile tracking system, spend less time talking about work being done and literally watch it be completed.

Do more with less resources

You’re measuring the return on every investment. Our work will move your needle and help you achieve your vision faster.

The speed at which you are fixing things is amazing.

- Joe M

I've finally found the time to focus on my customers.

- Brandi D

I love, love, love working with this team!!!!

- Jenny C

What you can get done

Check out these recently completed tasks for happy store owners.


Add and style gifting options to the checkout

Status: Complete

Completed in: 2 days



Add description text to the collection pages

Status: Complete

Completed in: 1 days



Add zoomable images to the theme

Status: Complete

Completed in: 3 days



Look into lighthouse performance score

Status: Complete

Completed in: 2 days



Investigate why sales spiked on Friday

Status: Complete

Completed in: 1 days



Fix spacing below the image carousel

Status: Complete

Completed in: 1 days



Fix an error with in the theme

Status: Complete

Completed in: 1 days



Solve the issues with google shopping integration

Status: Complete

Completed in: 3 days


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Frequently asked questions

Q. What’s included in your Unlimited Plan?

No hidden surprises here. Our Unlimited Plan covers everything. Create as many tasks as you like without worrying about additional hourly or per-task rates.

Q. I create a task. What happens next?

Our team takes your task and breaks it down into a series of sub-tasks, so you can see how we’ll get you from where you are to where you want to be. We even let you know how many we can get through per week. We then execute those sub-tasks, one by one.

Q. What if I have a larger, more general task, like “improve site performance”?

We’ve got you covered. If you join our Grow plan and create that task, our team of engineers figures out the smaller, individual components required to ladder up to your overall goal and transparently shares those with you. You’ll get a timeline that shows when to expect completion of each of the components, and then a final date when you should notice your needle moving on the original ask.

Q. What if I’m unhappy with the service?

We’re committed to delivering unparalleled work, in quality and service. However, sometimes a relationship doesn’t work out. We get that. Simply tell us and we’ll issue a (prorated) refund for the remainder of your month.

Q. Do you work with other agencies and freelancers?

Absolutely. We have formal agreements with some partner organizations already. We’re happy to meet your freelancers and make sure that we can all work together toward your success.

Q. Can I choose my Managed Commerce team members?

We endeavor to assign the same staff to you so they intimately know your businesses and site. However, we can’t guarantee that the person you love will always be available.

Q. Are high priority issues handled faster?

Any issue impacting your website’s ability to checkout customers is treated as a severe event. We prioritize these events before all other work.

Q. What are your working hours?

It depends on the plan you purchase. For customers on Grow Plans, we are available Monday through Friday, from 6am EST to 6pm EST. For Scale and Enterprise Plan customers, we are available 24/7.

Q. I have a big deadline coming up. Can I get more tasks done faster?

Definitely. After adding some tasks to your account, you’ll have the option to pay for a burst of resources to your plan. We call these “sprints” because we’ll work as fast as possible to get the job done properly. We’ll swarm our resources around your project and get things finished by your deadline.

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